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About the group

Hisham bin Abdulaziz Al-Mousa Investment Group has achieved great distinction in real estate development in particular and investment in general, and it was after the grace of God and then to the blessed efforts, the distinguished policy and the precise strategies of the first man and the founder of this entity Sheikh / Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Mousa - may God have mercy on him - the greatest impact in drawing Features of development and distinction in our group, as we work hard to continue excellence and walk in the footsteps of this man, which carried in its folds a love for his country and his land and struggle and determination to reconstruct the land and people, hence the keenness of Hisham bin Abdulaziz Al Mousa Group for Investment to put a distinctive imprint and active participation in the development and construction in The Saudi market has achieved successes after successes, praise be to God, and we in our group believe in the importance of diversifying investment to reduce risks and increase returns in an era in which market changes have accelerated and investment fields and methods have diversified.

The group was also keen to participate in several investment fields with a variety of activities, such as: Contributing to real estate development and participating in building and developing residential units with innovative ideas and products that meet the market needs. The group also invested in retail services, food and beverages, aviation services, financial services, investment in the technology field, investment in the health field and other diversified investment fields. By the grace of God and then thanks to the mutual trust between the group and its valued customers, we strive to continue excellence and sophistication in the products that we offer to our customers and we are working hard to meet the challenges and changes in the Saudi market and to keep pace with the distinctive vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 AD, believing in a promising and bright future, God willing, for our group.

Our Mission

Our message is to distinction and rises with special investment style based on scientific comprehensive plans that brings more success and growth to the group and contribute to complement and feed the market with an innovative and modern product providing an added value to our existed and futuristic coalitions and to create new opportunities and uplifting to the Saudi economy

Our aspirations

Our business in Hisham bin Abdulaziz Al-Mousa Group is focused on participating in the innovation and establishment of more distinguished projects, which qualifies it to be one of the best investment companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our vision

Our vision in Hisham Abdulaziz Al Mousa group is to keep up with the overall development and be a true supporter to the Saudi economy and supporting the Saudi vision 2030 that lately announced in which represents the Islamic depth and leading investment force to the whole world. Supporting that vision requires us to proceed with our performance developing and expansion following the aspirations of local and international markets


Work Desk

We are focusing in Hisham Bin Abdulaziz group to participate, create and innovating more distinct projects that make it contain an advanced rank as one of the best investment companies in Saudi Arabia The group aims to achieve more expansion locally and internationally. To reach that objective the group makes develops to the career level on the group through continuous training to keep up with the latest technological developments and import new expertise to be added on our accumulated experiences.
We work on developing our massive database on regular bases by having an accurate analyzing and ongoing studies of the international economies to create and utilize the distinctive opportunities and keeps ally with other companies that have a good reputation and great performance in different fields to guarantee the continuation of growing in line with our glorious Islamic values and the aspirations of the stakeholders
Also, we aim contributes to community development out of proceeding of social responsibility that was and still part and parcel of our operations that enhances the real value of the group

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