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Chairman Word


Hesham bin Abdulaziz Al-Mousa

​On behave of the employees of Hisham bin Abdulaziz group, I thank god first and foremost, then I thank everyone participated to create this success of our group.
It has been for the wise policy and the distinctive strategies for the first founder of this entity/ Shaikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al Mousa, an obvious significant impact on our growth and excel. As we working hard to follow his footsteps and to fulfil his distinctive vision that holds love to his land and his country, struggling and determined to build the land and the human being.
Since the establishment till now, our group reached a special position among the main players and active participation to develop and build the Saudi markets. We believe in “investment differentiation” approach to minimize the risk and increase the revenues on the time we wetness fast and accelerating changes in the world of investment and every other aspect of life.
Our group committed to keeping up with the latest technologies and human resource development along with job stability that not conflicted with the expectations of our employees, which will increase and accelerate productivity. We had the chance to work and participate in many investment fields, and I mention for example the investment on real estate development by building housing units characterized with special features meets the different requirements of the customers, we also invested in retailing, food and beverages, aviation, financing, technologies, medical and other types of investments.
And by the grace and blessing of God then the mutual trust between the group and our faithful customers we hardly seek to proceed the excellence verity of our products that we present to the markets and extend the effort to face the challenges and the changes of the market to keep up with The new vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 with an anticipation of a very promising future for our group.

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