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CChat company

CChat is more than just a simple messaging app. It is the social ecosystem that fulfills all of your needs and accompanies users throughout their daily life in every possible aspect. With its premium features for talking with friends and family, managing work and discovering brands. You can also translate messages while chatting. Our app supports sending and receiving a variety of media: text, images, videos, documents, branding, products, services and location, as well as voice calls. Our messages and calls are secured and no one can read or listen to them. ® Trademark -1 | ® trademark -2 | Trademark -3

® Trademark-1|® Trademark-2| ® Trademark-3

Phone Cable Ports

SHAB Technology Company

It is established by telecom and IT professionals with extensive experience and network connection in the global ICT market. And it employs an elite of specialists in the field of financial technology, with offices in several countries, and aims to expand on a larger scale in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa.

Graphic Design Office
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