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Real Estate

Hisham Bin Abdulaziz Al Mousa Real Estate Investment Co,

The company is based on the development of various and varied real estate projects on a large scale inside and outside the Kingdom, and long-term investment is made in developing infrastructure for plans, building residential complexes and commercial towers, managing property, creating and managing real estate investment portfolios, supervising private and public placements, and supervising the formation of huge real estate alliances to adopt Developing income generating projects.


Abdulaziz Al-Mousa and Sons Company Ltd.

A company specializing in real estate development and land divisions, as Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al-Mousa and Sons Ltd. is considered one of the developers of real estate development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has witnessed a great renaissance in the real estate world, as Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al-Musa and Sons Ltd. contributed to the real estate activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Tasweekar Company

Tasweeqar for Real Estate Development and Investment, where leadership and experience we draw in our products for two decades, to stand up to your desires and be proud to fulfill them


Diyar Biladi Co, for Investment and Real Estate Development

Diyar Biladi Investment and Real Estate Development Company is concerned with real estate development and the organization of real estate alliances for various real estate projects


Vision Real Estate Company

A vision for real estate investment was established more than a year ago to enter the Saudi real estate market in order to take its place among the major real estate investment companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to keep pace with the comprehensive urban renaissance in the country and contribute to the process of growth and progress, relying in order to achieve this on the long experience of its founders And their strong relationships with the best Arab and international companies and houses of expertise in the field of investment and real estate development.


Al Hayat Real Estate Company

It is a closed joint stock company that manages the Hayat Mall complex project, whose annual number of visitors exceeds 10 million visitors, and it won the International Cityscape Award in 2010 AD, the same year that witnessed its launch as the best commercial project at the forefront of shopping destinations in the heart of the capital.


Yamam Company

Yamam Company was established to be one of the companies concerned with the development, construction, operation and maintenance of complexes and residential and commercial facilities.

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